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Our Team

Muhammad Zubyan


Zubyan’s passion for computers began very early on at a young age. He developed a keen interest in FPS games when he would spend hours playing DOOM along with competitive Call of Duty and CSGO. Later on, he would go on to create mods for GTA San Andreas and Youtube videos.

Ammar Nawaz

GFX Designer

Ammar Nawaz is a skilled Graphics Designer with a strong background in Graphic Design. He excels in Adobe Creative Suite. Ammar’s work at TakeOwn reflects his commitment to high-quality design. His passion for gaming and video editing brings creativity to his designs.

Muhammad Junaid

Content Strategist

Junaid Akram is a YouTuber and Streaming Specialist with over 6 years of experience in OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, Adobe Photoshop, and Sony Vegas Pro. With a strong background in graphics design, he has designed 100+ Stream Packages and optimized over 100+ streams for various purposes. Junaid’s passion for gaming, streaming, and content creation shines through in his work.

Abdur Rehman

Game Strategist

Abdur Rehman is a dedicated esports enthusiast with a passion for gaming. As an In-Game Leader (IGL) of “Team Renegades (REN),” he focuses on exploring strategic and hidden tactics to gain a competitive edge. He precisely calculates in-game elements, such as managing in-game economy and optimizing weapon settings to gain an advantage over opponents. Abdur Rehman’s preferred titles for play are Valorant and Call of Duty.

Sameer Shareef

Editor in chief

Sameer Shareef is Editor-in-chief at TakeOwn, known for successfully scaling and managing multiple websites to success. With a knack for SEO, team leadership, and partnership management, Sameer consistently drives growth while engaging in gaming and eSports team management as his hobbies.

Anas Ibrar


Anas Ibrar is a dedicated video game journalist who rigorously tests and reviews niche games while actively collaborating with developers to enhance their games. Additionally, he excels as a game guide writer, aiding beginner players in improving their skills and learning various gaming techniques.

Muhammad Umer

Community Manager

Muhammad Umer is our community manager with a strong network of eSports industry professionals in Asia. He has successfully organized multiple online and LAN gaming events since 2015. With his strong background in AI, ML & Data Science, he has integrated many technologies in our upcoming FPS Boosting Software “Cutlag”.

Mustaneer Haider

Game Analyst

Mustaneer Haider is a writer with an obsessive passion for video games. He loves to play games and find a faster way to complete it whilst having fun along the gameplay. He writes walkthrough & technical troubleshooting guides of various games on TakeOwn.

Aashir Anwar

Content Creator

Aashir is one of the content creators and narrators of TakeOwn’s YouTube channel. He has a strong background in video editing and vlogging, and his skills are evident in the high-quality content that he produces. Aashir is passionate about gaming and loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

Khawaja Mustafa

Full-Stack Developer

Khawaja Mustafa is a Full-Stack Developer with 5 years of experience in designing, developing, and launching customized, highly responsive websites and e-commerce solutions using advanced technologies. 
He has a wide range of skills in software, tools, and programming languages, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Webflow, Shopify, and WordPress. He is also experienced in cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and Heroku.

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